You have to admit Damo54 was right about these buildings. Huge factories fill the area. But compared to the buildings in Chrome Street and along Evans Road, these buildings are quiet. The street names in this area are synonymous with the factories that produced the ammunition during the war—Engineering, Lathe, Bearing, Assembly—but there’s no sound from any machinery. Some businesses have taken residence in the smaller buildings but the area is largely abandoned.

When you look down Engineering Street, you catch a glimpse of a person poking around the abandoned factories as though looking for a way in. It has to be Damo54. You start to follow, but then you pause. If you go down Lathe Street, you might find another entrance into the factory and discover Damo54’s secret before he does. But with Damo54 moving out of sight you have to decide quickly.

Do you:

Air Raid Bunker: If you follow Damo54, he’ll see you. Better to go down Lathe Street and look for another entrance into the building. And you’ll have your phone ready to take a shot of his expression when he finds you already inside. Walk along Engineering Street, turn left into Lathe Street, turn right into Bearing Street. Continue to the corner of Bearing Street and Assembly Road.


Project Street: It’s definite Damo54 has a big secret to reveal and the only way you’ll find out what is to follow him. Walk along Engineering Street, and stop at the corner of Engineering and Project Street.