Toohey Forest

You’re at the entrance to Toohey Forest and the first thing you do is update your status on Rumour’s Uncut:

I’m tracking a suspect soldier—

You stop typing. What do you say next? You’ve walked the length of Davey Street and although you checked every house and every building, you saw no sign of any military activity, and no sign of an entrance to an underground tunnel. In all the old war buildings that line the street, there’s no suspicious activity anywhere.

Turning around, you look towards the forest. You next plan is to search the bushland but now that you’re here, you remember how big Toohey Forest is. You could search for years and find nothing. But you’re convinced it would be the perfect place to hide a military bunker.

The buzz of your phone grabs your attention. It’s a text message from your neighbour:

Just checking you’re okay. There are soldiers surrounding your house. They’ve taken your computer and a box filled with papers. What’s going on?

Your heart races. That soldier has done more than watch you take photos. You try to call your neighbour to get more information, but you hear a strange clicking noise beneath a busy signal. You try a friend’s number, and hear the same thing. It sounds like your phone is tapped.

This has to be a cover-up, which means you are about to find the biggest secret of all and the military wants you silenced. But if you continue the search, what’s at risk?

Do you:

Pegg’s Lookout: Soldiers raiding your house and tapping your phone means this secret will blow Salisbury out of suburbia. Even if you accessed your Facebook page, the soldiers have probably already copied your photos. But if you discover their secret, maybe you can use the information as a bargaining chip to get out of trouble. It’s a risk, but you’ve come this far. Enter Toohey Forest and follow the stepped path up to Pegg’s Lookout.

Toohey Forest Pedestrian Gate: The path to Pegg’s Lookout is a climb up some very steep steps. If you’d prefer to make this choice without walking up, select this link.


Cafe: If the military is after you, evidence of your search is all over your Facebook page. You need to delete the photos and information so they have nothing on you. But with your phone tapped, you need to find another way to access your Facebook account and you need to act fast. You see signs for a cafe further along Tarragindi Road. Maybe you can borrow a phone from someone there. Walk down Tarragindi Road to the Macondo Cafe which is on the right. Stop on the footpath outside.