For the Truth & Reconciliation self-guided walk, just download the Story City App, search for ‘Napi (Friend) stories’, and head to Stephen Ave to explore.

Join 8 young, Indigenous men, as they share their downtown journeys, perspectives, stories, and art.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the resilience, contributions, and enduring spirit of Indigenous men in Calgary’s downtown core. Let their stories inspire and enlighten you as we walk this path of cultural exploration and mutual respect.

Through this immersive journey, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the experience of the Indigenous communities in our downtown core and how building connection to land and one another is important to overcoming challenges in our efforts for truth and reconciliation. The storytellers, carefully selected in collaboration with USAY, share their lived experiences, triumphs, aspirations, and art, providing unique insights into the complex tapestry of Indigenous life in the heart of the city.

Uplifting, heart-warming, and earnest, across this self-guided walk along Stephen Ave, you will be invited to reflect, share, create your own art, and add your stories to the fabric of the city.

Just download the Story City App, search for ‘Napi (Friend) stories’, and head to the corner of 4th St and Stephen Ave to explore.

Calgary Downtown Association (CDA), and Urban Society for Aboriginal youth (USAY), teamed up with Story City, an interactive storytelling platform for location-based content, to tell the stories of 8 indigenous young men in the heart of our city and community.