Welcome creator, we’re so excited you’ve chosen to join us. On this page you will find a combination of videos and documents to give you a grounding in Story City, what you can make and host on the platform, how to create the best interactive stories you can, and how to use the creator tools and test your stories.

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A Map to Your Resources

Part 1: What is Story City?

Chapter 1: Intro to Story City History

It’s the Story City origin story y’all! Rather than wondering, ‘Isn’t this like xyz?’ Find out for certain in this here video! We talk choose your adventure books, QR codes, Geocaching and more.

Chapter 2: How Does it work?

How does this whole interactive stories app thing actually work? What are the basics of building an entertainment experience both fictional and non-fictional? Here we give an example of some of our more popular styles of stories – the pick your path, branching narratives.

Helpful Documents

How to View Story City Adventures from Home PDF

Part 2: What Types of Stories Can I Create?

Chapter 3: Locative Storytelling & Writing for Apps

We’re diving into the difference between interactivity and transmedia, and how to build compelling transmedia narratives. And because everyone loves examples, we’ve got some case studies of interactive projects from locative literature, to soundscapes, to interactive art. All from projects that DON’T use an app like Story City (but could, you know, if you’re feeling fancy).

Chapter 4: What Types of ‘Adventures’ Can You Create?

It’s time for the brainstorming video! What are the plethora of possibilities with a platform like this?? How can you turn Games, Writing, Fiction, Walking Tours, Dance, Music, Films, Documentaries, Social Justice Rallies, Non-Profit Fundraisers, Food, Improv, or any other creative discipline you can imagine into an interactive story that brings you revenue, and brings cities to life for adventurers and users.

Helpful Documents

How Can You Use Story City To Tell Stories PDF

Part 3: How Do I Create An Adventure?

Chapter 5: The Basics of Creating An Adventure

So how do you even build an interactive adventure? How does it differ from the stuff we make that people kind of just, you know, passively consume? Let’s talk about the components that build atmosphere, encourage interaction and choice, and the star of the show, location, location, location!

Chapter 6: Tips & Tricks for Setting Up & Testing Your Locations on Google Maps

Video coming soon! Please see the document below for the basics of setting a map up. The full video will include how to check locations are far enough apart, and how to determine if a location will struggle to find GPS signal, so you get no problems with the technology.

How to Use Google Maps to Plan Your Locations

Chapter 7: Crafting Your Beginnings, Your Choices, & Your Endings.

Let’s talk craft! How to craft you beginnings, compelling hooks and story choices, and the age old question of endings. We delve in deep here about crafting branching narratives and choose your adventures, building for interaction, and creating a satisfying (or horrifying!) ending(s).

Chapter 8: Tips & Tricks for Mapping Your First Story

So you’ve decided you’re going to add in your interactivity via multiple choices and branching paths. How do you plan, write, and edit that noise? We got you Boo; both old school pen and paper suggestions, as well as your more modern tools like Twine and Scriviner.

Chapter 9: Crafting Story for Artists, Narrators, & Musicians

Interactive adventures and tours require more than just some text and an image – the most immersive include working with narrators, sound designers, musicians and visual artists. Heck each of those types of creators can make their own stand alone experiences too! So this video tries to tackle how each creator type might contribute to a project OR create one of their own. We focus here mainly on musical, visual and narration based tips and tricks when creating interactive experiences.

Chapter 10: Finding & Working With Collaborators

Hey now, we know you guys are multi-talented, but may we suggest it’s more fun to create with friends and collaborators than alone in your garret? In this video we gives some tips, tricks and best practices for finding and working with other collaborators to make your adventures.

Chapter 10b: Scaling Complex Projects

Oooh now we’re thinking big picture here, yes you can 100% build epic projects on Story City – we’ve had many people act as producers who use Story City as their tool to deliver a project. So you have an amazing idea, you’ve got the Story City creator tools, you’ve got these resources, you’ve got a dream.

Now it’s time to scale that project from grassroots to the main stream. How do you do it? Yes you can sell it on Story City directly, but you could also scale via the help of crowdfunding, grants, contracts, and festivals. Here are some thoughts on getting started.

Chapter 11: Tech Tips When Creating for Story City

What’s the nitty gritty for designing for not only interactive narrative, but Story City specifically? In this video we touch on a little of both – what are the technical considerations you have to make when location becomes an integral part of the experience, and how can location break or make the believability of a story (especially fictional adventures or games).

Chapter 12: Tips for the Adventurous Editor or Feedback Provider

We’ve learnt a LOT of things producing close to 60+ different experiences from puzzle trails, to choose your adventures, to social issues walks, to tours. Here we give you some of our top tips on characterisation, properly building choice into your interactive narrative, what drives a good narrative plot, and how to reduce down your myriad of scenes into a cohesive experience adventurers can do again and again.

Part 4: Using Our Creator Tools & Testing Your Story

Chapter 13: How to Use the Story City Creator Tools

Chapter 14: How to Test Your Stories in the Story City App

Coming Soon!

Part 5: Helpful Documents

Chapter 15: Story Templates

Need help to get started? Never fear, we have story templates that allow you to just plug and play to get you started on your very first story. Find templates for everything from Branching Narratives, to Puzzle Trails, to Fitness Experiences here.

Chapter 16: Other Resources and Examples

NEW Creator Labs Twitch Stream every Mon 4pm MST (Tues 9am AEST), join us to brainstorm & connect with the creator community!

Story City Creator Resource Videos Slide Deck PDF

Story City Creator Tips and Tricks PDF

Writers Example Setting Mood and Folding In Fantasy In Your First Two Locations

Story City Media Format Specifications For Artists, Narrators, Musicians and Filmmakers

Example Chapel of Unlove from First Draft to FINAL Choose Your Adventure PDF