Story City is a platform and GPS app for location-based storytelling, with each experience only opening if you’re in the right location; transforming streets into adventures, and creating new ways for people to interact with stories, festivals, and cities.

COVID has upended the performing arts industry, and while zoom, behind the scenes chats, and airing of recorded performances have been a great first step to reestablish audience connection and economic stability, finding a way to provide the same immersive experience of a performance in a hybrid digital model is proving a little harder to navigate.

Story City provides an interactive digital event and brand marketing solution, using the immersion and engagement of location specific performance content to extend the life of your socially distanced shows and events.

By placing digital performances & content in real world locations in public space, you can create interactive experiences that invite people to interact, 24/7, long after the event, and encouraging users to return to experience it for themselves.

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