Edmonton has more than 20 riveting experiences for you to explore the streets.

Will you solve a murder, join a heist, organise an alien invasion, or perhaps survive a magical café taking over Block 1912?

Only one thing is for certain, it’s your adventure.

Find out more about the experiences by clicking on the images below, or see the map below for locations to adventure:


Created by: Edmonton Queer History Project

Queer history is everywhere. Every place has a story to tell. Some stories are more visible and well known, while others have been kept hidden and silent due to fear, persecution, and prejudice. Join us for a cruise through Edmonton’s queer history as we celebrate the people, places, and moments that have helped to shape our diverse and vibrant community over the past 50 years. To help you discover this important history, we have created two unique self-guided downtown walking tours. We hope these tours will inspire you to share your own personal stories and memories. We invite you to help us continue to build a growing archive of the rich diversity of queer life in Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton).

Choose your own adventure! Each walking loop takes about 90 minutes to complete. Free queer history maps are available at the Edmonton Public Library, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton International Library, Tickets on the Square, The Citadel Theatre, MacEwan University Library, MacEwan Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity and many other locations throughout the city.

You can also listen to our podcast, “From Here to Queer”, hosted by the (in)famous Darrin Hagen.

Take a step back through time. The journey begins at Michael Phair Park (10124 104 St NW) in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown.


Created by:  Domini Gee, Narrated by: Christian Lackman, & Emily Craven.

When a mysterious coffee shop suddenly replaces Block 1912, you discover a magical and mysterious world where tips from your friendly, neighbourhood barista may be the only thing between you, and survival.

This adventure starts at Block 1912 on Whyte Ave in Old Strathcona.

EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES (Richie, Westmount, & Glenora): M 15+ RATING

Created by: Lizzie Derksen, Narrated by: Kelsey Friesen 

Who knew little libraries could be full of so much drama? Join a failed writer’s latest project, a gossip-fueled walking tour of their neighbourhood full of thieves and the little library project that changed those neighbours for the better. Or did it?

This story starts on 123rd St in Westmount, On 148th Street in Glenora, and on

THE CORONET CAPER (Alberta Legislature Grounds): G RATING

Created by: Celia Taylor, Narrated by:  Lauren Hughes

You’ve been invited to join an elite team of master criminals—but the leader of the group isn’t sure you have what it takes. Can you pull off a heist daring enough to impress her? 

This story starts at the Violet King Henry Plaza on the Alberta Legislature grounds.


Created by: Eliot M.B. Howard, Narration by: Janelle Jorde

You are a psychic who can perform psychometry: the practice of extracting extrasensory memories from an object or place. Will you help bring peace to an old spirit by retracing the stories from their past?

This story starts in the Alleyway between 105th and 104th Street in Downtown.


Created by: Eliot M.B. Howard, Narrated by: Brett Ludwig & Emily Craven

You are an undercover agent for an incoming alien invasion. Will you carry out your role and save these strange creatures – humanity – from themselves? Or is there more to discover beyond the veneer of the civilization you know?

This story starts by the Carbon Copy artwork in Unity Square in Oliver.


Created by: Joseph Halden, Narrated by: Nathan Willis

When the Netaverse crashes, you must acquaint yourself with reality and a strange neighbour as you journey through a dystopic Edmonton to find municipal data backups to restore the virtual-life you’ve lost.

This story starts in Churchill Square in Downtown.

MURDER ON THE RIVER VALLEY (Alberta Legislature Grounds): M 15+ RATING

Created by: Sierra Larson, Narrated by: Brett Ludwig 

You’re a journalist at the Legislature to cover a protest, except the protest has barely begun before a body is found. Will you be able to crack the case, and break the story that will see you launch your journalistic career? Or will you end up in more hot water than you bargained for?

This story starts on the steps of the Alberta Legislature facing the wading pools.


Created by: Bruce Cinnamon, Narrated by: Christian Lackman

The river flows through the heart of Edmonton, dividing the city in two and uniting everyone around its waters. We drink from it, bathe in it, cross it every day. It flows through our veins, gathering traces of us, knitting us all together into one city. But what would the River say, if it could speak? And when you listen to its tales, will you choose to go downstream with the flow, or upstream against the current?

This story starts at Magrath Mansion in Highlands.

WOGLINS AND WOZZIPS (Alberta Legislature Grounds): PG RATING

Created by: Jennifer Kennedy 

There are weird things on the loose around the Legislature, and it’s all your fault! Will you be able to capture the escaped ‘woglins’ you’ve accidentally set loose, or will you fall prey to the stinging wozzips the woglins were guarding?

This story starts at the amphitheater on the north west corner of the wading pools on the Alberta Legislature grounds.


Created by: Ahmar Rana, Narrated by: Brett Ludwig

The game is afoot! You are Watson, partner and friend of Sherlock Holmes, and you are cordially invited to the Annual Gathering of the Public Domain at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. Mystery and excitement is never far for the sleuthing duo, but when the guest of honor (the newly inducted Winnie-the-Pooh) disappears under mysterious circumstances, Holmes will need your help to salvage the festivities. Can you crack the case?

This story starts at Leaf Plaza in the University of Alberta Botanic Gardens.


Created by: Marven Likness

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to step into the shoes of a HoH (Hard of Hearing)/Deaf person in a hearing world. Join Marven to experience a different life using a simple pair of ear plugs and this walk through a series of biopic stories, experiments, and activities. Deaf hide among you in plain sight…

This story starts at La Marchand Mansion in Oliver overlooking the river valley.


It’s cold out there! The Coldest Night of the Year is a covid-safe, family-friendly walk to raise money for charities serving people experiencing homelessness, hurt and hunger. 

You can choose between a shorter 30mins walk and longer 90 min, and on each route not only will you explore the history of the Strathcona neighbourhood, but also listen to some of our neighbours’ stories, and learn how everyday people, non-profit agencies and businesses are coming together to alleviate poverty and homelessness in Edmonton, and how your family can be a part of the change.  Just as a tiny mustard seed grows into a flourishing tree, a small act of kindness can make a huge difference!

This journey starts at the Neighbourhood Centre located on 81st Ave, just off Whyte Ave in Old Strathcona.


Created by: The Mustard Seed.

Experience downtown Edmonton through a different lens with The Mustard Seed.

Not only learn about the rich history of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, and some of the issues that impact the lives of our most vulnerable neighbours struggling in poverty and homelessness, but experience the beauty of our community – the people who live here, and the organizations that work to enable each person in our community to not only survive, but be recognized for thier unique gifts, strengths, and contributions. We invite you to open your eyes, your ears, and your heart as we walk together to make a better future, one you can help bring into the world!

This journey starts at the Mustard Seed Church located on the corner of 96th Ave, and 106a Ave NW in Edmonton’s Downtown.

These Social Issues Walks are brought to you by the Mustard Seed. We want everyone in the community to experience these stories, which is why we made these walks a donate what you can. If you have the means, we greatly appreciate your support. Funds raised from the Mustard Seed Social Issues Walks will support our pandemic relief efforts, including our shelter and dinner to door programs.  These programs offer not only a warm meal and a roof over one’s head but also connect those experiencing homelessness or poverty with holistic support services to walk them through this unprecedented time.


Created by: Story City; In Partnership with: StartupTNT, Edmonton Regional Innovation Network & Innovate Edmonton; Production By: Modern Muse Media; Featuring: Codo, Future Fields, MACH32, 2S Water, Jobber, Honest Door, CarePros.

Dive into the Origin Stories of these successful Edmonton startup entrepreneurs, and discover why they chose to call Edmonton, home!

Edmonton Startup Origin Stories is an interactive tour through Old Strathcona telling the origin stories of 7 companies who call Edmonton their place of birth! From Jobber who’s raised $70M+ in investment funding, to YC graduates Future Fields, to brand new companies like CODO born out of the pandemic, come and hear some inspiring origin stories from chance meetings in cafes and spray parks, to scrappy entrepreneurs dedicating their life to food security after growing up in food ‘poverty’, all set in the Edmonton locations that inspired these entrepreneurs and their stories most.

Not only explore the beautiful Strathcona area but uncover why each entrepreneur feels Edmonton is the best place to grow their company, and their life.

This story starts at the Rainbow Alley, next to Malt and Mortar on Whyte Avenue, and finishes at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Story City has teamed up with the generous support of the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN) and Startup TNT to profile 7 startup origin stories of YEG companies, from emerging to growth companies across half a dozen industries, that represent the uniquely Edmontonian spirit of our community. Many thanks to our companies for sharing their stories with us, both business and personal, and the places in Edmonton that inspired it all!


Written by: Gerald Osborn; In Partnership with: Edmonton Fringe Festival

Lace up your walking shoes & head out into Old Strathcona to retrace the (absolutely exaggerated, totally hysterical) steps of Edmonton Fringe’s history.

A walking audio play in 5 stops.

Written by our own beloved Office Manager, unofficial Fringe historian, and lauded Fringe playwright Gerald Osborn. Featuring the many (and sometimes questionable) talents of the Edmonton Fringe staff. No artists were harmed in the making of this audio play.

This audio tour begins at the Princess Theatre on Whyte Avenue, Edmonton (10337 82 Ave NW).

Presented by Edmonton Fringe Festival

Our eternal gratitude and thanks to the many movers, shakers, creators, administrators, agitators, and artists who came before us and who will come long after us. Fringe exists because of you. Special thanks to Lead Partner & Sponsor ATB Financial for supporting the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival and all our wilding shenanigans.

Edmonton Fringe exists because theatre exists and what exists here doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. When you give to Edmonton Fringe, you invest in the future of theatre in Edmonton, across Canada, and around the world. Give now, fringe forever. Visit fringetheatre.ca/donate for more.

CONNECTION (Indigenous Art Park): G RATING

Created & Performed by: Mackenzie Brown.

Hailing from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, performer and drummer Mackenzie Brown leads you on a personal immersive musical journey through the ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ Indigenous Art Park. 

Join Mackenzie on a journey, a journey to see the park in a way you’ve never seen it before. To connect with yourself. To connect with the land. A land that has been the home for many indigenous people from time immemorial. You’re invited to breathe in with the drum beat, and breathe out. To experience the music and stories of the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, as you look, really look, at the land around you…

This journey starts at the Treaty markers located on the East side of the art park by the parking lot.


Written by: Paula Humby & Ben Stevens, Performed by: Ben Stevens, Paula Humby, Robert Benz, Christina Nguyen, Sheldon Elter and Kristi Hansen.

Whether it’s a grand manor or a microloft; a tear down or an infill; an eccentric bungalow or a forgettable walk-up; every home has a story to tell…

The Home Suite is an answer to the question, “who would I be if I lived in this house?” You’re invited to take a stroll through Old Strathcona, pausing to notice the little details that make a house into a home, and listen-in on the lives of their possible inhabitants. The Home Suite is an ode to the homes that shape us, even as we shape them; 10 short audio pieces to be played in succession, like a musical suite.

This experience starts outside Crawford Annex, 10319 83 Ave. Find a spot on the sidewalk next to the Old Strathcona Youth Society, facing the multi-coloured mural and the unit windows at the back of the building.

SOUNDING (Old Strathcona): G RATING

Created by: Dwennimmen.

Take a journey with Albertan poetry community veteran, Dwennimmen, as she uses searing intellect and dynamic precision-of-language to create an experience which ushers her listeners toward greater understanding and poignant reflection.

Edmonton (Treaty 6) born poet and spoken word artist Shima Robinson embodies, with every poem, the ancient meaning of her chosen pen name. Dwennimmen is the name of an ancient African Adinkra symbol, which means strength, humility, learning and wisdom. For Dwennimmen, poetry has long been a compass, a salve, an anchor and guiding light. She uses the potential and force of poetry to uncover the full range of her cerebral, linguistic and spiritual fortitude. This is why her every poem and performance testifies to an emerging power and wisdom, an authentic, deeply human potency which she hopes to pass on to listeners and poetry-lovers around the world.

Sounding is a revisitation of Dwennimmen’s least performed work with visual interpretations of the meaning and affect of the poems. Follow Dwennimmen on an idyllic journey through the Audio experience of her debut book, Horn.

This experience starts at the end of Steel Park, Gateway Blvd NW.


Created & Performed by: Omar Ramadan, Saint, Sarah Campos-Silvius, Some Sum, and Timiro. Curated by: Dwennimmen.

Stroll through the streets as you encounter nostalgic memories of home, discoveries of authentic self, truths of oppression, and calls to empowerment in this poetic celebration of identities.

The 2020 Found Fest Showcase is a collection of wordsmiths who connect with amiskwaciy-wâskahikan (Edmonton). Take a verbose journey through the experiences and ideas of these home-grown poets as they represent and signify their widespread roots with poems that offer windows through their souls.

This experience starts at the bench on the north side of 83rd Ave between 106 and 105 St NW in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona district.

These experiences were created for and presented by Common Ground Arts Society as a part of Found Festival 2020: Reimagined, July 2 – 5, 2020, online and from a safe distance, with support from Story City.

Found Festival invites you to find art in unexpected places. Normally, you’d be invited to slather on the sunscreen, spritz yourself in a fine layer of bug spray, stuff your poncho in your backpack, and fill your pockets full of adventure at Edmonton’s only found space multidisciplinary art festival. But, the pandemic had other plans. And that’s cool. The health and safety of our community is our top priority.

So while this year there will be no Found Grounds, no beer garden, no immediate way for us to gather as pals and artists and community, you better believe we’re reinventing how artistic exchange happens when we can’t gather together. We’re proud to deliver 14 bold, digital and distanced projects brought to you by more than 40 multidisciplinary artists. Let’s get wired and weird: @commongroundarts | #FoundFest

Found Festival is funded by the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Canadian Heritage and the Government of Canada. 

Land Acknowledgement

We find ourselves in Amiskwaciwâskahikan (ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ) on Treaty 6 territory, traditional lands of the Cree, Nakota, Blackfoot, Dene, Saulteaux, Metis, and other indigenous peoples who have made this place home long before we settled here. For thousands of years, people have gathered here to share in story, community, and creative exchange.

We find ourselves thankful: thankful to play a small part in that long-standing tradition, a tradition carried on the shoulders of so many creators, builders, dreamers, agitators, and makers who came before us, and who will come long after us.