Good to Have You Onboard Agent

Good to have you onboard, agent. The clues you find over the course of these audio tapes will provide the launch codes for a mark II Nuclear Missile.  I’ve been overruled in my requests for firing something at Canberra—too many innocent bystanders. That’s why we’ve been secretly constructing one to hit the little buggers back home.

And that’s it! The first tape ends there. ASIO must be worried if they’ve told you to drop everything and get to 7th Brigade to investigate. They’ve assigned me as your field operative for this mission—you can call me 82.

I’m still deciphering the audio from the other tapes. I’m not sure how much we’ll be able to get, it’s scrambled pretty bad. But each recording has handwritten notes accompanying it which should help—they seem to contain supplementary information. I reckon whoever did this is a crackpot, but with the world what it is today, you know as well as I do that any mention of nuclear has to be investigated. If someone’s been building a bomb out there, we need to find it.

Right. It says here that the first digit in the launch code is hidden somewhere near where you should be standing right now. I’ll read what I’ve got:

‘Find the statue standing tall, which is a number filled with numbers. Add the last four digits on the central stone together, to gain your first piece of the launch code.’

What the heck? I hope that makes more sense to you than it does to me. Have a look around—you’re the eyes on the ground. When you find something, click resume transmission to continue.