Aliens Are Already Here?

Get a load of this: ‘Aliens have already started to infiltrate the highest levels of our society’ These notes are a piece of work, though I guess if you ever look at Australian politics you could be forgiven for believing it contains a grain of truth.

What’s more worrying is this next line: ‘They only have one weakness that we’re aware of—thermonuclear radiation.

7th Brigade park has long been a launching point for military strikes. We used it in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. But these transcripts are saying that military use went underground after that.

I guess it’s possible. Less greenspace projects are more outer space… ha!

Okay, it says here that ‘the site of the 5 warriors will reveal your next clue.’ Hey, look for some sort of green, towering trunk that ‘rises up to the sky’ nearby.  The documents say there are a series of numbers on it, and the middle digit is the next piece of the launch code.

Make sure you write it down, and click resume transmission when done.