You totally jumped on the second bridge, didn’t you? I would have, anyway.

So I was thinking while I was waiting for you to transmit… how nice it would be if aliens really did exist? I mean, think of it—all that advanced technology, the cure for cancer, stuff like that.

Not that our mystery man thinks that. The notes contain pages and pages of ‘observations,’ and trust me, they aren’t nice. Says here they’re some sort of parasite that abducts human hosts—implants larvae inside and then controls them… or something. Says Harold Holt—you know, that Prime Minister who went missing in 1967? He was one of their first failed attempts. Before they got the formula right.

Whatever—the guy’s nuts. Let’s get back to it so we can get evidence and wrap this up. I’ve got another piece of the recording here:

Move to the middle of the bridge and take a look to your right, past the big brown tree. Can you see a concrete carpark spanning the creek in the distance? Notice anything weird about it?

That’s right. It has gates underneath it.

Now why would a carpark have gates underneath it I wonder? Unless it wasn’t really a carpark, but the secret vehicle entrance to an underground missile silo! When we have really big equipment, this is how we move it: down the creek and then though those gates in the dark of night; almost a kilometer underground to missile command.

Finally, we’ve got something that can disprove this guy. All I have to do is look up the building specs and hey, we’re both home in time for dinner.

Hmm…. This is weird…. I’m being blocked access to that file. I’ve got level 9 clearance—that… shouldn’t happen.

Unless… let me just try something here. I might be able to work out a backdoor. Stay with me for a second….

And… that’s why you should always update your password, Mr. Chief of Defence. It’s just loading now.

Here we are, just like I th…. Whoa!

There’s a lot of redacted stuff on this file… I mean, like the page is almost black. I can’t tell you very much, but I can tell you…. that is definitely not a carpark.

Okay. Okay. No need to panic, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.

So you’re on the ground…. let’s keep going. Yes, that’s it. Let’s look for something else that will either prove or disprove this guy.

I’m going to have to go offline for 30 seconds to get out of this file before it sets off any alarms. In the meantime it says here there should be a metal tag attached to the ground at either end of this bridge. Let’s radio up again once you’ve found it.