Did you work out what we use the creek for yet? Think about it—this launch site is basically in the middle of Brisbane city. We ship all our components via Brisbane rivers and creeks.

The logs you see before you are the remains of the slipway we used to bring the materials onto land. See how the logs angle down? They originally had a ramp built into them. We affixed ropes at the high end and pulled the really big equipment up before manhandling it underground.

Someone thought it would be less obvious to the aliens if we dismantled it between uses. I think they’ve disguised it as some sort of gym equipment, but seriously? I have no idea what sort of exercise would need stuff like this. Four person synchronized beam gymnastics maybe? Or the world’s most painful hurdles? Think of the shin bruises people!

We’re heading back to our start location now, but on your way, look out for the next clue in the series. I’m not going to bother telling you any fancy riddles to find it. I’m just going to say the number is about as subtle as this ‘gym’ equipment.  When you see the number towering over you, you’ll know.

It all ends soon. It’s time to kick alien butt and chew bubble gum…

And I’m all out of gum. Meet you at the play fort.