The Fort

I didn’t want to tell you in case you got secretly captured, but that’s the last of the codes that we needed to launch the rocket. Well done recruit. We’re almost there. You should be at the fort now, and the controls to launch the rocket are hidden within. Be careful! If there’s any adults around they might be aliens, so make sure you sneak in without being seen. And if you meet any kids on your journey? Make sure to ask them the secret code word. Do you remember it?



Find the lion inside the fort, watching down from above you. Looking at him, stand underneath the lizard. You may have to look up to find it as well!

When you are in the right position, you will see a series of levers to your left. These are the secret controls for the missile. You’ll need your launch code to fire it. Pull the levers forward, in order, corresponding to the numbers you have written down. So if the code starts with 7, 3, 2, you would pull the 7th lever, then the 3rd lever, then the 2nd lever, and so on.

When you’re done, press the launch button below to fire the missile.