Stop Aliens, Avoid Broccoli

Good to have you onboard. My name is Agent 82. I’ve upgraded your status to Secret Agent with Priority One clearance for the duration of this adventure. It should be enough to allow you to launch the missile once you have all the codes. Random fact—it will also get you out of eating broccoli for the rest of the week. Us agents have our perks, you know.

The clues you’re going to decipher will form the launch code required to fire the missile, but first things first. To prove you’re not an alien, I need to you to find a wall bathed in bright colour front and back which hides somewhere in this playground. Count the number of bricks on the bottom row, take away one from that number and then divide by two—aliens hate counting.

Make sure you write the number down. This will be the first digit in the launch code sequence.

When you think you have it, click the next recording button to proceed.