Peanut Butter

Great work recruit. The first two letters on that tag are ‘P’ and ‘B’, which stands for Peanut Butter, the code you’ll need if anyone stops you while you’re following these clues and asks you what you’re doing. To make sure they’re not an alien, you’ll need to say the word ‘Peanut’ to them. They should then say the word ‘Butter’ back.

Let’s practice now. If I give you the code word ‘Peanut,’ what would you say back?

I’m sorry, the microphone didn’t pick that up. You’ll need to say it louder. Peanut.

Nope, still can’t hear you. You’ll need to say it really, really loud. Peanut.

Whoa. Okay, I heard it that time. No need to shout!

Okay, back to the secret numbers we need from this location—we’re going to get two.

Firstly look at the tag before you. It has three numbers on it. Two of those numbers look the same if you read them upside down. Only one of those numbers is the same as the amount of legs on an octopus. Write down this number.

For the second, look at the tag again, and examine the last number, the right way up. There are 3 numbers on the plate, so add the number three to the last number, and then write this answer down too. You’ve now got two numbers for this location. They should look verrrry similar.