Nice work team—I reckon we lost the aliens at ‘Broccoli’.

Did you see the coolant ponds as you passed? They were opposite the chain-link fence. The missile system we’ve been developing generates massive amounts of heat during take-off.  To prevent the surrounding areas igniting during launch, we flood the entire area with water immediately after. It stops things bursting into flames, and also helps cover our tracks.

There are ponds all through the area; in fact, there are disguised ponds all through Brisbane, some of them quite large. They form a network of reservoirs interconnected by the city’s creeks and waterways which we can release on command to stop the city burning.

But sometimes, things go wrong. You know those floods that happened in 7th Brigade Park a couple of years ago? Barry from accounting did that. Let’s just say the coffee machine and the flood control console now no longer stand side by side.

Anywaaay. Your clue for this area is linked to the signs above.

Look at them carefully. On the sign that points to the best place to buy Peanut Butter, count the number of letters in the middle word. This number is your clue for this location. Write it down and then press ‘mission accomplished’ when done to get the location for your next clue.