If you’re thinking that a padlocked pole in the middle of a park is more suspicious than yellow snow, you’d be right. It’s actually the casing for the emergency distress beacon that has been transmitting these messages.

I set it up so that if anything ever happened to me, the auto responder inside would activate and begin transmitting the messages you’re now hearing.

Funny thing about this beacon.  You’d think people would be suspicious of it, just standing there looking all weird. But in fact the opposite is true. People walk past it every day, and not one of them has ever wondered what it’s doing here. Sometimes the best way to hide something is in plain sight.

… Of course, sometimes the best way to hide something is also in a huge underground missile facility developed by secret government organisations using taxpayer money to defend against future alien invasion. It’s a 50:50 thing.

Your next clue is an obvious one. Just like this beacon. Add the number of poles, the number of padlocks and the number of hinges on the pole together. When you have this number, write it down. It is your secret code for this location.