Disguised Radar Dishes

Nice work agent. I knew with a bit of searching you’d be able to find that clue.

I need you to head past the fitness equipment now, keeping the creek to your left, until you come to four lines of logs running parallel to the ground like hurdles. It will be a fair walk.

While you’re walking, have a look at the creek on your left hand side. It’s usually pretty low, but with our cooling ponds we can flush high volumes of water through it any time we want. Besides putting out fires, see if you can figure out what we might use that for on the way.

And look out across the field too. See those white walls? Disguised radar dishes. I’m telling you, nothing in this park is what it seems—those aliens are never going to know what hit them.

Right, see you at the next location. Be there, or be square. Because to complete this mission, we need you a-round. Get it? Be square because we need you around?