You approach the playground opposite the imposing Harts Mill. You scan the base of the Mill and see all the entrances have been bricked up or boarded closed.

Is this to keep people from trying to get in or is it to prevent something from getting out, you wonder?

You keep your distance and walk around the edge of the playground, trying to hatch a plan to access the Mill and its Flour, when you notice warnings carved into the pavement.

“The beast has awoken – run for your life!”

“You can only see it when it eats!”

“Beware the Glutton”

The handbook has no illustration of any foe – only a poem:

There is time when hunger strikes
Where greed consumes all thieving tykes
Where one swift bite is all it takes
To deny you all those tasty cakes
So open wide and come inside
Grants an offer best left denied

Suddenly, there’s the clattering of clawed feet on corrugated steel, but you see nothing.

You search the façade and do a double take. A door, that you swore wasn’t there before, has swung open, with some sort of bag sitting just inside – the Flour! You eye it suspiciously. In the opposite direction there’s a café at the water’s edge. Would it be safer to retreat and think further on the matter? Or should you grasp the opportunity?

Do you: 

One – Check the café at the water edge to see if there is some way you can lure the ‘Glutton’ out?


Two – Sprint over to the open door of the Mill and grab the bag in the doorway? 

Select your choice by tapping the link on screen