The beast inhales deeply and you fear it’s about to mount an attack.

The Griffin takes flight from your shoulder. It swoops past the beast’s head, bearing its talons and the beast hisses to fend it off, whipping around its tail. This provides enough distraction to make your escape. As you turn tail, the rider throws a net over the Griffin, capturing it. The nightmarish beast gallops off, dragging the helpless Griffin with it.

You mourn the loss, but it is not in vain as you come across some Copper sheeting and a Ship Sail amongst the Weman stock. They mysteriously disappear as you touch them and appear as charms on the skeleton key chain.

Where to next? 

MCLAREN WHARF: Fearing your fiery foes may return, head to the safety of the water’s edge at McLaren Wharf? Head back down the alley to Lipson Street, turn left and follow the road to the water. Then turn right to reach McLaren Wharf.


THE ROYAL ARMS HOTEL: Your lack of cargo is causing you concern so you decide to seek help at The Royal Arms. Walk back down the alley to Lipson Street, turn right and then left onto St Vincent Street.