You lay the Wharfies’ sack on the ground and pull out some large chunks of coal. As the beast inhales deeply, you take aim and hurl the coal.

The coal lands true, into the mouth of the beast and down its gullet – bull’s-eye! The beast begins to choke. As it gasps you throw another piece of coal, and another. Some hit the rider, who struggles to maintain balance.

Overcome, the beast exhales, igniting the coal. It bursts into flames with the rider aboard.

They each writhe around before the beast gallops off, dragging the rider whose foot is caught in the stirrup.

Buoyed by the victory, you dance around and in the process stumble across some Copper sheeting. As you collect it, it mysteriously disappears and instead appears as a charm on the skeleton key chain.

Encouraged by the score, you plot your next move.

Do you: 

MCLAREN WHARF: Fearing your fiery foes may return, head to the safety of the water’s edge at McLaren Wharf? Head back down the alley to Lipson Street, turn left and follow the road to the water. Then turn right to reach McLaren Wharf.


THE ROYAL ARMS HOTEL: Your lack of cargo is causing you concern, so you decide to seek help at The Royal Arms. Walk back down the alley to Lipson Street, turn right and then left onto St Vincent Street.