You can’t believe your luck as you stumble across both a Mast and a Ship Wheel at the McLaren Wharf Memorial, at the end of Timpson Street. You approach the tall white Mast first and as you touch the galvanised metal surface the handbook suddenly flips open to an incomplete illustration of the City of Adelaide ship.

The ink starts to change and, as if being drawn right before your eyes, includes the Mast in the drawing. To make matters more curious, a tiny replica of the mast materialises on the chain of the skeleton key.

Buoyant, you move on to the Ship Wheel.

The Wheel is wedged into the ground, so you run your hand along the smooth surface and look at the handbook once again. The ink starts to change, but this time a riddle appears:

A three-month journey over high seas

With correct coordinates can be a breeze.

A three-month journey; on directions depend

But wrong directions will mean the end.

 It seems to want you to choose a viable set of coordinates as a stop-off point between Adelaide (135⁰ 50’ longitude & -34⁰ 54’ latitude) and London (-0⁰ 1’ longitude & 51⁰ 51’ latitude).

To select your option, click the link on the screen that you think corresponds to a safe destination:

Longitude = 140⁰ 35’   and   Latitude = -35⁰ 3’


Longitude = -4⁰ 35’    and     Latitude = 35⁰ 3