LONG = -4⁰ 35’    LAT = 35⁰ 3’

You select -4⁰ 35’ longitude and 35⁰ 3’ latitude and consult the handbook. The illustration of the ship now includes the Ship’s Wheel! Your coordinates are correct and the Ship can safely sail via Plymouth.

A tiny replica of the Ship’s Wheel materialises on the chain of the skeleton key. You have collected the two pieces of the Ship required to set sail. Don’t forget the cargo!

What to do next:

THE CITY OF ADELAIDE CLIPPER: If you’ve got at least 2 cargo pieces and 2 ship pieces you can head for the City of Adelaide Ship to break the curse upon you and John Smith. The Clipper is only a short distance around the foreshore, keeping the water on your left.


PORT DOCK HOTEL: If you still need items then head to the Port Dock Hotel. The Hotel is inland along Timpson Street, past the Marine Engineers Institute and left onto Stevedore Place.