You walk to the Auditorium, drawn to its unique façade. ‘Waterside Workers Federation’ it proclaims; a poster on the door reads ‘Masquerade Ball Today!’

You look around and notice a gramophone sitting nearby on top of a table with a woollen tablecloth. Wool! Just what you’re after. But the moment you take a step towards it, the gramophone whirs into life and the record on top starts spinning. Unfamiliar music begins to play, old and scratchy, like the music is being played at the end of a tunnel.

Then the doors of the theatre swing open and an enormous crowd of spectres swarm into the street. They’re all dressed lavishly, but you find the masks startling; you can’t make out their faces. You’re pulled along with the crowd, away from the woollen tablecloth as the dancing crowd twirls around.

The song finishes and at that instant the crowd stops dead. It’s an eerie sight. Some are half way through a dance move. You remove yourself from the clutches of one lady and weave through the crowd, back towards the gramophone.

As you approach, another track begins and the dancing crowd springs back to life, closing in on you again.

Do you:

One – Try to stop the gramophone record from spinning? 


Two – Bust out some of your own dance moves and pretend like you’re trying to fit in?

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