You rush to the gramophone and try to stop the record as the crowd draws nearer. As you slow the record with your hand, so to does the masqueraded spectres’ advances. You halt the music just as a wall of hands is on the verge of grabbing your every limb to pull you away.

You force the record to rotate in the opposite direction, reversing the music. The spectres follow suit, dancing backwards in the most peculiar fashion, retracing every move until they walk right back into the hall, the doors slamming behind them.

With the ghosts gone you’re free to grab the woollen tablecloth. As you take hold of it the embroidery unravels and binds into a metallic charm on the skeleton key chain.

Excellent. From here it makes sense to look for more ships pieces near the water’s edge. Head to the Weeping Figs to continue your search. Walk down Wells Street to the right of the hall and, when you get the water, turn left to find the Weeping Fig Trees [OF PORT MISERY].