Hit the play button to view the above video on the combination of art and history of this area.

Ribbons of History

Here we are at the corner of Saskatchewan Drive and 99th Street. Have you heard of the art project ‘The Ribbons of History’ on 99th street? This project focuses on connecting both sides of 99th Street by showcasing our artists and the neighbourhood’s history with sculpture along the street, between Saskatchewan Drive and Whyte Ave.

This is from their website. “Five artists and two historians together found inspiration in our community’s beloved Mill Creek and in the community’s history.  The ribbons evoke the creek, which flows through the ravine on the eastern edge of our neighborhood.  The ribbons connect and our stories flow like tributaries, reminding us of our past and binding us together. The art featured on both sides of 99th Street was created by artists who live on both sides of the street. The two historians are separated by the street.  The project connects the two sides of 99th Street with the art and the neighbourhood’s history, both natural and social, encouraging us to engage with the street.”

As you look at and enjoy each art piece, fine the QR code to learn more about the sculpture and history of the neighbourhood. As you go through it, decide which one is your favourite. In this part of the walk, we’ll look at indigenous justice. There are two art pieces, Papaschase and Settlers that focus on this topic; We will focus on one of them, called ‘Settlers’ and that will be our next stop. Just continue south down 99th street to find it.