Welcome recruit, my name is Agent Hansen. The spy academy you’ve applied for is so secret I can’t even tell you its name… yet. If you’re good enough, you’ll work it out. Maybe.

You probably saw a jogger on your way here. That’s Agent 96. If you didn’t see her, even better. She is head of covert surveillance, after all.

Before you can join, we need to see what you’re made of. It won’t be easy—most people fail. But we see something in you that sets you apart from the crowd.

We’ll be monitoring you over the course of this adventure. You’ll be required to cover a series of tests: fitness, intelligence, decoding, bravery. Succeed, and we can guarantee you a place in our team. Fail, and… well, let’s just say it’s not in your interests to fail.

If you still want to join, you’ll need to find the Dragon that sits opposite fish. Be discrete though! Don’t let anyone know you’re looking. When you’ve found it, pretend to tie up your shoelaces and click “I accept.”