JT11 comp

Boggo Road Gaol: Entrance


You stand outside the prison gates with your phone camera ready to capture agency secrets. You look around to make sure it’s safe and find an agent walking in your direction. It’s the one you saw in the security footage.

“Excuse me,” he says as he approaches you.

Your heart pounds. You turn to him and smile to hide your trepidation. He looks at you for what feels like a long awkward moment.

“Where did you get that sandwich?”

Your breath hitches.

“I’m starving,” he continues. “As you can see, we’ve been kept busy. Where did you get it?”

“Ah… You can have this one. I’ve already eaten.” You hand him the sandwich.

“Really? Thank you. I guess there is still hope for humanity after all,” he jokes.

You politely smile as he unwraps the sandwich. Your heart races as you’re not sure what’s inside. It’s just a sandwich. You’re a little relieved but then notice some hand writing under the paper wrapping. He doesn’t see it and takes a bite.

“Enjoy,” you say. You turn and walk away.

“Hold on.” He says with his mouth full. You freeze and slowly turn. “Mmm… Corned beef and relish, just like my mother packed us after church. She always said that the sauce is the soul of the sandwich.”

You nod and smile. “I’m glad you like it.”

“You know what else she said?” He ambles closer. “She used to joke after church, ‘Do you know what the eleventh commandment is?’” He pauses. “Thou shall not get caught.”

Two agents approach from behind. “You’re coming with us.” He escorts you to a black car and shoves you in the backseat between the two subordinate agents.

Game over. You hope that Lucy and the creature both make it out of this. As for you, you don’t know enough for them to consider you a threat. They want insurance, leaving you no choice but to cooperate and forget what you know, swearing to never say anything. What a poor investigator you turned out to be.