Did you accidentally trigger the wrong location? Never fear, if you’ve decided to concentrate on Lucy, continue to follow the map to JT12 to continue your chosen adventure.

JT13 comp

Yellow Balcony beside the Basketball Court


You sense the balcony that looms from the hill and feel the cells of your body vibrating but can’t tell where you’re body ends and the atmosphere begins. You feel almost everywhere at once. In a blink, the tranquil view of the park goes black and glowing orbs of light rise like embers. One floats in front of you that contains an image of Bloggo holding an unconscious and beautiful red-headed woman in his arms. Lucy’s there too. She is pouring a potion-like liquid in the woman’s mouth. You touch it and it gleams and flutters into golden luminous wings belonging to a butterfly that hovers before you.

The light from the orb spreads through your hand and up your arm until it consumes your entire body. The glowing butterfly flutters up and rests atop your head. Then, a vortex of light strikes your brain and a rush of images flood your mind, a hyper-download of information.

You see a young scientist in a white coat entangled with the lips of the red-headed woman in a lab. They look madly in love. Then, an explosion. Water laps over the river banks revealing a tangled pile of tree debris and tattered lab coat taking the shape of a man: it’s Bloggo, he was the scientist. But who’s the girl and what happened to her?

The images continue: Bloggo searches in the darkness, the river floods, he finds the woman unconscious cradled in a tree, Lucy and him create a potion in the Ecosciences labs, the men in suits capture and conduct unpleasant research on Bloggo.

Bloggo’s not a monster at all. He’s only trying to save his lover.

The images flicker through at an increasing speed and suddenly a blast of light makes it white in every direction. A speckle against the white grows large moving closer and takes the shape of the red-headed woman. Helena, her name is Helena. The download of information somehow lets you know so many unknowable things.

Tears stain Helena’s cheeks making them glossy. “Please help me. I’m lost. I don’t understand what is happening.”

“You’re in a coma. You must find your way back to your body. And… I think I’m here to help you.”

You reach out and she moves in close. Your arms wrap around each other and merge into one. But, you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your chest.

You fall through the white and find yourself suspended in silence and darkness. Two wormholes expand either side of you.

In one, you see yourself convulsing in the centre of the basketball court and men in white uniforms approach with a gurney. In the second, you see Lucy consoling Bloggo as he holds his unconscious  lover desperately in his arms.

Do you:


Basketball Court: Panic and follow the wormhole to your body, hoping to revive it before you are taken? Go to the basketball court on top of the hill behind you.


Eleanor Schonell Bridge: Follow the wormhole to Lucy and Bloggo and guide Helena’s soul to her body, risking yours? Walk along the Eleanor Schonell Bridge until your reach the first tower.