Eleanor Schonell Bridge


she rides her bike

(no hands)

a kite sizzles

on the hill opposite

a butterfly

on the ferry home

a story goes

in circles

the kite becomes


around his shoulders


Bloggo holds the unconscious body of Helena in his arms by the marker of the ’74 floods. Lucy consoles Bloggo with a hand on his shoulder. You feel your body again and look at your hands to check if you’re real. Lucy and Bloggo face you becoming aware of your presence.

“Where did you come from?” Bloggo asks.

“Thank god, you made it! I thought I lost you. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck here,” Lucy says.

“Stand back,” you ask Lucy.

You walk over to Bloggo and put a hand on his shoulder, kneeling beside him. He reluctantly lays Helena on the ground before you and rests her head on his lap. You kneel over Helena and close your eyes holding the image of her you saw in the unknown. You rest one hand on Bloggo’s chest and the other over Helena’s.

Steadily, you lower your hand on her heart and feel a warm and exhilarating energy flow through your body. Then, a blast surges through you knocking you and Bloggo backward.

You and Bloggo prop yourselves up. Standing tall with a radiant glow, Helena helps Bloggo stand. She tip toes to kiss his rough forehead.

Lucy looks on, dumbfounded. The couple rest their foreheads together and gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. You feel an immense gratitude wash over you, knowing that you have served in the name of love. Helena tugs Bloggo’s hand and leads him toward you.

“Thank you,” he says. “Really, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Having felt their hearts beating through you, you understand and appreciate his gratitude.

Helena smiles at you and winks. And that’s all she has to say.