JT2 comp

Outlook Park

You reach Outlook Park overlooking the panoramic view of Brisbane, one you’ve never noticed before. Trains shudder by and you see a lady in her thirties, dressed in a navy, high-waisted pencil skirt and white blouse. She’s sitting on a bench built from the bricks that once contained inmates in the old prison for women. She holds a paper wrapped sandwich on her lap. A government ID tag is clipped to her waist that reads Ecosciences Research Division and gives her name, Lucy Waters below.

You sit next to her. She tenses, looking at you from the corner of her black rimmed glasses. Her eyes suggest she hasn’t slept in days.

“Are you the friend? Of, the… the Bloggo?” you say, thinking how stupid you sound.

“Who are you?”

“He asked me to meet his friend here who had something… important for him.”

She sighs. “I guess I have no other choice, or time frankly. I can’t imagine how else you’d know. I don’t have it with me. I had to hide it. I think they might be on to me.”


She glances around. “Those men in grey suits. They work for an off-the-record division of government. They weaponise our research, unbeknownst to most working here. I found out when I discovered Bloggo in the labs after hours one night, concocting some kind of elixir. I thought I was as good as dead but then he told me his story… and the agency.

I helped him create the elixir but a week ago they captured him and locked him in an underground chamber beneath the old prison. I aided his escape and told him I’d meet him here.”

She hands you the sandwich. “Go to Harmony Gardens, go now. Be discreet, they won’t suspect you.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll be fine,” she says, lacking belief. “I have to leave. Remember, he’s not a monster; he’s a good man.”

Do you:


Harmony Gardens Sound Sculpture: Take the sandwich and head to Harmony Gardens? Walk discreetly through the Ecosciences Precinct boulevard making a left at Annerley Road then turn right at Gladstone Road following the park along your left. Turn left down TJ Doyle Memorial Park Drive and make a right into the park toward the Harmony Gardens Sound Sculpture.


Boggo Road Jail Watchtower: Let your investigative instincts kick in? You can’t keep lurching about in the dark like this. You need to find out more about this agency and see if Bloggo made it out; he didn’t look so good after all. And as the lady said, you’re invisible, surely it’s easier for you to do than her. You travel to the Boggo Road prison watch tower on Annerley Road.