JT3 comp

Boggo Road Gaol: Prison Gates


You approach a group of men in grey suits, who appear to be making the orders, framed by antique, high-arched prison gates.

“I know what you’re looking for. And how you can get it.”

The stern faced men look at each other. One, with black hair and premature grey streaks, takes a step closer to you. “Who are you?”

“Someone interested in cooperating to help find what you want.”

He chuckles. “What do you know about what we want?”

You pause for effect. “Bloggo.”

His face turns to stone and he steps closer. “If you know anything, tell us now or we have the authority to arrest you for questioning. This is no joking matter. What do you know?”

“I can show you where he is going but you have to take me with you.” You stare him down until he breaks and turns to hold a huddled conversation with his colleagues.

A hand grasps your arm while the men are pre-occupied. A female voice whispers in your ear, “You can’t trust them. Come with me and I’ll get you a story larger than you possibly imagined. We don’t have much time, I’ll explain when it’s safe.”

You look over your shoulder into wide eyes staring intensely through black-rimmed glasses. Her unkempt hair is pulled back in a ponytail. You glance back at the huddled men in suits.

Do you:


Boggo Road Prison Boulevard: Trust the woman and slink away from the suits? She leads you around the corner down the boulevard to the back corner of the prison. There you find a bronze and copper plated apparatus comprised of two different sized spheres that looks like a prop from a steam punk movie set.


Under the Eleanor Schonell Bridge: Continue with your initial plan to capture Bloggo by leading the suits to him? Sure the suits are intense, but they’re the best of the best at handling dangerous situations, surely? They accept your offer and explain the plan of attack on the way. (Travel to the Brisbane river underneath the Eleanor Schonell Bridge, park side of the road)