JT6 comp

Boggo Road Prison: Boulevard


She points at the metallic contraption reminiscent of a planet orbiting the sun. The plaque reads, Apparatus for Viewing Mechatronic Variants of a Set Cause, Machine 3. You notice she’s wearing an Ecosciences Research Division ID tag attached to her navy pencil skirt. Her name is: Lucy Waters.

“Here, look into the eye piece and wind the crank clockwise five times, whilst holding your breath. But do not blink.”

Lucy rushes to a similar contraption up the pathway leaving you feel like you just woke from a long term coma.

“Um… how is this going to help?”

“This will get us to where we need to be quickly and untraced.”

“Aren’t these just art installations?”

“It’s a cover. The artist doesn’t even exist. I used a ghost name to side step research funding and corporates by using the art commission as a beard to hide my work in plain sight. It actually is a trans-dimension machine.”

You look at her blankly.

“If you do exactly as I tell you, it should accelerate the frequency of your body and allow you to shift between dimensions, making you more energy than matter. They are… ah… still a little rusty, so hopefully it works.”

“Right… and where are we going?”

“To help Bloggo save his girlfriend.”

“That thing has a girlfriend?”

Lucy continues, oblivious, “When you move between dimensions there is no time and you’ll be in a vast field of nothing. Ready?”


“Just keep your attention on me and we will re-dimensionalise together. You must stay with me, that’s important. Now, are you ready??”

You look into the machine, eyes wide open, seeing an out of focus image of an old photograph. Lucy shouts from the other machine, “Now!”

You take a deep breath and hold it, then wind the crank five times.

You can’t remember your last thought, in fact, you’re not thinking anything at all. You become entranced by geometric patterns in different shapes and colours colliding together like a kaleidoscope. Then, suddenly, nothing. You can feel the energy of the universe like a radio receiving frequency, sensing objects in space and agents bustling by.

You remember Lucy saying to focus your attention on her. But what she said about Bloggo and its girlfriend creeps into your awareness.

Do you:


1974 Flood Market: Keep your mind focused on task and hold your attention on Lucy? (Go to TJ Memorial Park Drive and travel down the footpath to the river and find the marker of the 1974 floods)


Yellow Balcony: Let curiosity get the better of you and allow your attention drift with the thoughts of the Bloggo and his ‘girlfriend’? (Go to the yellow pergola beside the basketball court off Gladstone Road).