Snake Express

“Hahahahahaha” Gum is still laughing. “Did you see its face?”

Midge said, “That Plover thought it was chasing us, but we were travelling the snake express. Yee Haw.”

The Green Tree Snake chuckles. “They’re usssually ssso brave, but with you on my back, the Lapwing got ssso ssspooked.”

“I’m very grateful for the lift, and I don’t want to be disrespectful but you mean Plover.” Midge cleared his throat. “Not Lapwing.” You’ve stopped between the tall Blue Gums, before the gorgeous young Ficus with its stretching fingery roots at the wooden bridge with the words ‘EXIT TO JUNCTION ST 80M’ painted on the floor.

“Mixing the charming Masked Lapwing, for its highly dangerous attack-minded relative is a common mistake,” Midge said snootily.

“Just so you know,” the snake explains, “the Plover is a Masked Lapwing. They’re the same. They don’t attack people, they’re only defending their nests.”

When Mul and Gum’s sniggering stops, the snake says, “Thanksss ssso much for your help.”

“Thanks for the lift!” Mul says.

“I’m heading to the Norman Creek Catchment, ssso thisss isss where we part company.”

The snake glides off toward the white arches under Logan Road.

You agree that going to the play area and picnic benches, especially the water tap (after all that running around), is an awesome idea and run across the Wooden bridge.

The play area is visible from the wooden bridge, it is just under 80m walk.directions are painted in the floor of the bridge. 1m walk.