Mother Duck

“Duck!” Gum shouts. Midge throws himself on the floor.

On the other side of the bridge a Mother Duck quacks at four cheeping ducklings as they head for the white arches under Logan Road.

“Aww, lovely. They must be heading to the Norman Creek Catchment too.” Gum pauses, frowns and says, “You don’t think the snake would…”

Hand over her mouth, Mul shakes her head, “No. She’s far too nice.”

“Yeah,” Midge said. “She’s probably a vegetarian Green Tree Snake.”

Of course, you can play on the slide, and have a picnic, but I reckon it’d be fun to make some jewellery from grass like Gum did. Weave strands of grass together or wind them around your finger, not too tightly. Remember: coil and weave and tuck to make a ring; a bigger loop for bracelets; and an even bigger loop for necklaces. Weaving ornaments like a piece of wood into the grass will look good too.

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