Hit play on the video above to hear from the artist behind this piece.

Cask and Barrel

Artist: Mark Berge

You’re on the 4th Street Promenade. There are 9 historic properties along this historic Warehouse District. At the corner south of you is Gariepy Mansion, a Second Empire architectural style house which is one of a few remaining historic residences in Downtown Edmonton.

At the intersection to the North on Jasper Avenue is one of two 4-way scramble pedestrian crossings downtown. Once you cross to the other side, you may visit 3 of Edmonton’s ‘micro parks.’ The Alley of Light park is located in the alley on the east side of 104 Street, with Michael Phair Park located on the west side of the street in the same alley way. Beaver Hills House Park is connected to Michael Phair Park.

Wayfinding: The next stop on our city sculpture tour is Bianco and the Sherlock Holmes Pub, where you will encounter strange weather phenomena and mythical creatures! Head north on 104th Street to the north side of Jasper Avenue, then head east along Jasper avenue. Go north up Rice Howard Way (which is just east of 101 Street), and then turn east on Rice Howard Way NW to come to Bianco and Sherlock Holmes Pub.