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Bianco and Sherlock Holmes Pub

Artists: Mark Berge, Cliff Vacheresse, & Peter Fogarty

Welcome to the beautifully bricked Rice Howard Way. This is one of Edmonton’s most unique roads as it is called Rice Howard Way both along this stretch of 101A Avenue and along 100a Street, creating a right angle at the 3 way stop intersection to the west. Rice Howard Way is also the only street on the Edmonton Traffic Bylaw where it is legally permitted for pedestrians to jay-walk (please do watch for oncoming traffic if you choose to exercise this legality).

To the east sits a clock tower in front of the Westin Hotel. This is the only remaining part of Edmonton’s original post office. The gears which turn the clock hands are visible in a glass casing at the base of the tower.

Congratulations on reaching the end of your ICE and the CITY Ice Sculpture tour. Don’t forget to check out the other sculptures in Old Strathcona and Hawelak Park, you can find them here.

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