Story City wants to redefine stories, to become something you are part of, rather than something you are told. Our Create-a-thon’s are our way of taking the power of our platform to generate culture bombs, bringing vibrancy, storytelling, art, film, and the gamification of locations across your city in just one weekend—a marathon of unleashed creative potential!

What is a Create-a-thon?

Creators from diverse creative backgrounds collaborate to craft local interactive experiences, activating locations across the cityscape through the Story City app. This high-energy event fosters community engagement, creativity, and cultural expression. With a marathon-like intensity, participants, whether seasoned professionals or first-timers, contribute by building stories in their city crafting unique narratives, striving to win prizes, selling their creations, and making a lasting impact on urban spaces over the course of a single weekend!

On average our story activations gain around 30,000+ people over that time frame with a 40% revisitation rate over a 12 month period!

Why Sponsor a Create-a-thon?

Ignite Creativity: Story City acknowledges sponsors as essential partners, uniting visionary minds on a quest to spark curiosity and disseminate valuable local stories. Join our mission at Calgary’s Create-a-thon to foster creative experiences for the city and cultivate mutually rewarding relationships with our creators!

Brand Building: Aligning with our Create-a-thon offers a unique chance for your brand to resonate with imaginative minds drawn to our vibrant community. Open doors for authentic interactions with participants, fostering goodwill and enhancing your brand’s presence. Seize this exceptional opportunity to amplify your brand’s influence and connect with a diverse audience passionate about creativity and city activation, both on the day of and via your brand’s sponsor logo on every story produced over the weekend!

Discover Talent: tap into a curated pool of local creatives discovered by our dedicated team. Benefit from our efforts to showcase talent, providing you with a shortlist of writers, musicians, visual artists, voice actors and other creatives for your upcoming projects. Gain exclusive access to participant contact information post event, a privilege reserved for our headline sponsor. Seize the opportunity now and elevate your projects with a handpicked selection of innovative minds!

What are the event details?

Dates: March 2nd (10am-6pm) | March 3rd (10am-7pm)

Last Day to Register: Feb 27th 2024

Where will it take place: Central Library, 800 3 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2E7

Learn more about our Calgary Event here!

Sponsorship Tiers

To deliver the highest quality event possible, we must rely in part on our generous partners who provide financial and in-kind support, and with whom we strive to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We encourage you to join our community and participate in the Create-a-thon in Calgary. Help us curate an unforgettable ways to explore Calgary for locals and empower our community of motivated, passionate, and visionary creators!

The impact for a Headline Sponsor in sponsoring us is pretty massive. You get to help us define the area of the city that gets covered! For example, every story could include your location (or include a stop at any number of locations in the city), and make sure that every story created during the event takes people past its doors. Your exposure would not only be to a room of 40+ creative people who could be a high target for all your creative efforts, but you would get your logo on the starting page for every single one of the adventures created! Meaning that every member of the public who did an adventure (estimated to be 30k+ across 12-18 months) would be exposed to your brand.

The Headline Sponsor’s Brand would also be responsible for populating the city with over a dozen adventures significantly impacting the vibrancy and revitalization of the downtown core (and the winning story would be accessible for free to you as a healthy and fun social activity/event for your employees).

We’re looking for sponsors who can help contribute towards this amazing event! Venue, childcare, food and event resources all have to come from somewhere! We believe the sponsors who can help us achieve this are out of this world amazing and we want to honour you for holding hands with us and making this event happen! Participant Creators will receive templated marketing materials to talk about the event on their socials and blog posts that include Space Sponsor websites, logos, socials and copy.

 Marketing That’s More Than Just a Logo!

  • Amplify Awareness: Break free from the ordinary – your marketing can be as exciting as the stories we tell.
  • Support and collaborate with our creative community to craft content that resonates, stands out, and associates your brand with excitement.

We’re looking for mini challenge sponsors to sponsor a gift certificate for their business or organization! Participant Creators who incorporate the organization’s location into their stories created during the event, get to compete for this prize. This will provide foot traffic for up to 12+months for every team who submits a story that includes your location.

 Why Should You Join Us?  Be Part of the Story!

  • Gain more foot traffic: Bring a wave of potential customers past your front doors, by including your location in the narrative 
  • Forge unforgettable memories: Create a lasting, positive association with our engaged and adventurous community.
  • Create a positive cognitive association between your location and fun!