Introducing Cherelle – SocaFit

Cherelle George

Is the founder of SocaFit – Caribbean dance & fitness classes. Her program focuses on spreading authentic Caribbean movement, education, and brings community together through dance. Her passion to keep Caribbean culture alive rings true as her commitment to her community has been a constant in her life. Aside from teaching dance, Cherelle volunteers as a director of the Western Carnival Development Association (WCDA) as a special events coordinator for Cariwest. Recently, Cherelle launched her new in-school residency program S.O.C.A – School of Caribbean Ancestors. This program focuses on educating students K-12 on the rich history of music & dance of the Caribbean islands. You can find her on Instagram @Socafit

This performance of Jerusalema was created for International Women’s Day as part of the event Creating Change and Impact Through Storytelling and Equalizing Technology from the Aspire Artemis Foundation and Story City. The Edmonton Performances are also geolocated on the Story City app, which you can use to experience the performance in the wonderful Edmontonian Locations they were recorded, why not take yourself on the tour of each of these four fabulous parks at the same time!