Higher Ground

Ancient sounds drift over the land. You hear a rhythmic rapping which you recognise as clap sticks. ‘Higher, follow the path higher,’ your inner voice tells you. ‘To the top.’ You know you’re meant to do this, be part of this story. You’re intrigued about this mystery, what role you’re playing to  unravel it. You look around for Uncle Rick. You wait a moment to get your bearings and see a shelter. You hear Uncle Rick performing a Welcome to Country. Huh, how is it you can’t remember your name but you know the sound of a Welcome to Country?

Faraway, a drumbeat echoes through the land, long  reverberating. Looking up, you see Barramul still pounding through the distant wilderness. Then he disappears behind a mountain. You look over in the direction of Mt Franklin.

“You know this is Lalkambuk, which means ‘split head’ or Larni Barramul, which means Dreaming Place or Home Belonging to Emu in the Djaara language.”

For some reason, this knowledge jumps into your head. But how could you know this? How do you know this when before you couldn’t even remember why you were at the park?

You wait here at the top of the hill, looking out over the land.

There to the left is Lalkambuk. There to the right is Mt Tarrengower. You remember Uncle Rick telling you that Bunjil made the mountains.

You are mesmerised by the mountains’ magnificence in this vast landscape and blink. Did they just move? You stare at them. Are they mountains or…people? Yes, giant people! You see someone’s giant head pop up, and then another. Two human giants! What is going on?

You remember a time when there was a voice telling you. “Speak to Country, and Country will speak back.” You consider this… if you could speak to the land, what would you say?

As a question forms in your mind, you hear a familiar voice.


“It’s said that the mountains are volcanoes that erupted 7,000 years ago. But there is so much more to the story than that….”

Hold on was that Harley? Wait you remembered his name! You think it was Harley but you can’t be certain. Maybe it was Country responding to your question? You squint through the trees looking for Harley. You want to ask him about why there’s so much more to the story but can’t see him. Why does Harley keep disappearing?

Now you can hear Uncle Rick singing. He appears out of the bush in front of you and starts to stride along the path and peers back at you in a cheeky way. As if to say, “Come with me, if you want to discover the full story.”

Behind him, you see a young girl with a beautiful  serpent snaking in and out and over the trees. Both of them are luminous, almost transparent. The  serpent with all its colours saturates the sky.

A spirit appears before you and another. Hold on, they’re the giants, the mountain giants you saw in the distance. What’s going on?

Uncle Rick turns to you. “I hold the key to all the stories. Follow me and the giants! C’mon giants aren’t that scary!”

The girl has turned around and is standing behind Uncle Rick with the  serpent hovering above her. Her voice is soft, inviting:to feel s affairsdo with evling ystalising realisations that hy ‘ adventure trail walk it is intended to be. transormation  ofor

“You must follow me. I need your help with the mystery and the serpent can help!”

Will you follow the giants or the serpent? As they move down separate paths, you realise the giants have started grumbling. This brings up a familiar feeling in you about fighting animals but you can’t recall what this is about. You notice the giants are burning like embers, leaving a trai l of fire in their path. Uh-oh is Uncle Rick in danger? You also see the  serpent’s giant tongue rolling. It lashes out like a whip. Uh-oh is the girl in danger?

Quick! Make a choice! Will you follow Uncle Rick or the girl?

Giants: To follow Uncle Rick and the giants, take the path down the hill until it cuts into a smaller hidden path to your right. Take that path to the right.


Serpent: To follow the girl and serpent, take the main path down the hill and turn left at the butterfly sign.