Stanley Place, Tightrope Cyclist

You arrive, puffed, in the middle of the square, surrounded by delicious eateries.

“While we’re here…” the Hero starts, and you can nearly see his mouth watering.

“No!” You nearly stamp your foot with impatience. “We are on a Quest, we are saving South Bank from becoming a Dark Fortress, and all you can think about is food! People are being driven away, we are constantly being attacked by birds and soon the Dark Legion will be in control of everything! Could you please get a grip and start acting like a proper Hero!”

You realise your outburst may have been a bit loud when you look around to see all of the eyes of the cafés’ patrons on you, and the Hero’s welling up with tears. He sniffs, wiping the back of his hand across his face.

“You’re right. I was only going to see if you wanted a little break while we were here, we’ve walked far and you weren’t exactly as prepared. But where are my priorities? I guess we’ll keep moving.” He turns to go. You feel bad for stomping all over his care for you with your crankiness…maybe you are a bit hungry.

“Ahem!” A voice from above grabs both of your attention. You look up to see a still white figure riding a unicycle across a tightrope stretched across the square. “You are by far the silliest pair yet!” cries the man dramatically, throwing a hand across his forehead and wobbling dangerously on his tightrope.

“Is this the oracle?” you ask.

“I’m not sure,” answers the Hero.

“Is this the oracle, is this the oracle?! Why of course I’m the oracle!” cries the balancing man.

“And I hate to ask if you are the Heroes they’ve sent!”

“We heard screams,” you call, ignoring the jibe, “Where did it come from? What happened?”

“Ah yes, the beach,” the man gestures over the steps towards the Streets Beach. “Such a shame. If only there was somebody to save us all.”

“We’re here! We’re here to save you!” The Hero’s enthusiasm never ceases.

“It appears you are only here to squabble. We need a Hero, not a pathetic, arguing pair of fools.”

“Hey, that’s unfair,” you reply, seeing the Hero grow sad again at this man’s flippancy. “We’re trying to singlehandedly stop the Dark Legion and avoid getting our eyes pecked by ibises all at the same time! I think you’ve spent a bit too long hanging around in Dark Legion territory, all the negativity is getting to you!”

“Dark Legion darkness can creep up on you.” says the Hero, “Can you tell us, from your great vantage point, which way the Dark Legion is headed next? We are trying to catch them before they do any more harm.”

The man laughs, “Catch them? You two? Oh my!”

You roll your eyes at the Hero and the cyclist notices.

“Well, they’re headed into the gardens, as far as I can see, and they’ve caused an awful lot of chaos over at the Streets Beach, but are you sure you really are the pair to be picking fights?”

You aren’t getting any help from this mean Oracle at all, in fact, you’re not even sure he counts as one anymore. You turn to the Hero.

“Ok, Mr.” you start, “we can get a quick snack and then we need to get to the bottom of this. With my brains and your brawn, there’s no way we’re going to let the Dark Legion get away with what they’re doing. What do you reckon?”

“Ok!” the Hero cries. You high-five, feeling some of the bones in your hand snap on impact, and look for food or drinks to satisfy you.

Then you:

One (Streets Beach): Walk towards the footpath facing the Streets Beach to investigate those screams, a niggling part of you wanting to prove your bravado to the spiteful oracle.


Two (Picnic Island): Head East, further up the path and onto Picnic Island on the right, where you find pictures of children playing shadowed on the footpath and a man cast in bronze.