ABC Building

You arrive in front of the glass fronted ABC building, finding yourself mingling with crowds of tourists, picnic-ers and exercise fanatics.

“Aha!” The Hero’s enthusiasm makes you start. “There are Oracles scattered all over this joint!”

He points towards the red news ticker running around the side of the building as though it is telling you something very important.

“It just shows the news headlines,” you explain, “it changes daily, probably even hourly. How could this be an Oracle?”

“You have very little faith, for an Apprentice,” the Hero looks you up and down. “Do you think I don’t carry the right tools for my trade?” He pulls out his dangling pocket watch, opening it up.

“Here, look through this and see if this building merely shows you just “the news”.”

Holding the pocket watch face up to your eye, you peer through the piece of clear glass, expecting the Hero to burst out in his ground-shaking laugh at your falling for this trick. As you look up towards the ticker, though, you are surprised. Instead of the day’s news flashing before your eyes, you see yet another riddle.

Walk through an aisle of magenta, or stop to meet a figure of bronze, swim in a pool of pure turquoise or surprise a silent diamond above. These experiences are endangered, the Dark Legion is coming.

Which direction will you travel? To the East or the West?

Whichever you choose, be swift. For you are being watched, spied upon from the top of the Wheel of Brisbane, noted by the green chariot drivers transporting your enemies and, always, seen by the winged watchers. The Dark Legion is coming…coming…coming…coming.

“Huh.” Your response doesn’t thrill the Hero. “The Oracle didn’t need to be so wordy. Basically, we have two choices, East or West. And we need to get out of this square now, before the Dark Legion finds us.” You look around, noting how easy it would be to spy on someone from inside one of the cabins of the slow-turning Wheel, or how quickly you could be whisked up by and enemy in a Green Cab.

You look around, noting the purple flowered Arbour walk to the East and the noisy busway between QPAC and the Museum to the West.

“I know an Oracle who lives that way who can be a bit of a crank but definitely gives good advice,” The Hero says, looking West. “There’s lots of food if we head East though,” he pauses on your look of frustration, “and I’m sure lots of clues to discover the Legion’s plans.”

The Hero looks to you for decisiveness.

Do you:

One (Arbour Walk Southbank): Head East, to the two first poles which mark the entrance of the purple flowered Arbour Walk – a path leading to treasure and trials?


Two (Cicada Artwork): Head West towards the busway, and the footpath near the corner of Melbourne and Grey Streets, trying to attract the attention of an Oracle in the form of a giant Cicada, who might give you some advice on getting out of this mess alive?