Maiwar - Hannah Bronte - MINISTER FOR ARTS 13 (1)

This is a self-guided audio tour of Maiwar, an art installation in Brisbane’s Vibrant Laneways Outdoor Gallery.

Maiwar, the traditional word used to refer to the waterway now known as the Brisbane River, is a visual art exhibition featuring contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Explore the Vibrant Laneways Outdoor Gallery sites including Eagle Lane, Hutton Lane, Fish Lane, King George Square Car Park and Giffin Lane. The exhibition program includes an installation at the Museum of Brisbane and nightly projections on the William Jolly Bridge.

Maiwar is the signature event of Black History Month. For further information about the artists, artworks and other Maiwar events visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/blackhistorymonth


Start your tour outside Brisbane City Hall. The tour will take you 1-1.5hrs depending on your walking speed.


Artists: Glennys Briggs, Hannah Brontë, Megan Cope, Archie Moore, Ryan Presley, and Judy Watson.

Curators: Blaklash Collective – Freja Carmichael, Katina Davidson, and Amanda Hayman.



This story will provide a self-guided art tour of Brisbane’s Vibrant Laneways Outdoor Gallery, activated with contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander artworks.

Use care as these laneways are open to traffic throughout the exhibition. Always check for traffic and do not stand in the middle of the road and look in both directions for vehicles.

This is a temporary exhibition from 1-31 July 2016 as part of Black History Month.

Once you are at the start location for the tour, in King George Square outside Brisbane City Hall, open the Maiwar story and select the ‘Start’ button below. You can move between screens and artwork in two way, either by tapping on the hyperlinks at the bottom of each screen, or by walking to the next location as show on when you press the ‘Map’ button. You can also use the ‘Audio’ button to listen to the artists speaking about their work and influences.


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