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Cnr Main Drive and Musgrave Lane – QUT Garden’s Point Campus

You’re doing one of your least favourite things, waiting. But you’ve no choice. This morning you received a mysterious message from an unknown number:

“The answers you seek lie where time slows down. Your guide will meet you there.”

People from around the world call you a wunderkind, the Controller of Time. They flock to work with you: world leaders, CEOs, students, harassed mothers – all wanting to make the most of their precious seconds. You teach them how to dominate to-do lists, eliminate distractions, and wield the power of the “time-out” corner. But it’s not enough. Your clients are demanding you stop time for them, turn it back, and bottle it up. If you could do that, then you would be a Master of Time. What a business that would make!

At first you were annoyed – why waste precious minutes leaving clues rather than call-back details? But once you put your mind to the task it didn’t take long at all, almost as though you were already learning time’s secrets…

So, you’re here on the edge of the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. To the right is a concrete and brick courtyard filled with energetic, bright minds, planning for the future. To the left are the gardens, wild and full of leisure seekers, and playing families. Where time is clearly slowing – for some.

Busy being proud of yourself for figuring out the clue you don’t see the old man until he’s basically nose to nose with you. He’s slightly hunched over but still manages to look you straight in the eyes.

“I will give you five lessons in time. Then we will see if you can be its Master.” He begins to walk down the footpath, a flick of his head inviting you to follow.

Filled with curiosity, you walk after him.


Go to Under the Banyan Tree: Follow the footpath in the direction of the QUT Art Museum, turn left at the steps and walk beneath the giant banyan trees.