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St John’s Cathedral


The way, the truth and the light

Mother, please pass the brown coat,

The one I used to wear on

My morning prayers.

The car and I confront each other

I embed the key within its lock

Accessing the brilliance

of transportation.

I arrive, ahead of time!

At the instant I lay my foot upon the weatherboard

belonging to my parish

the power of Christ compelled me.

As you step in, the feeling of purity, comfort and

belief overwhelm your soul.

Up, down, right, left. The way of the holy cross.

By Robert, 14 years old




The Pigeons

In pink bow ties and green pashminas,

the pigeons stumble in a grizzled herd

and fly from where the council workmen

wash away the dried-up dung which has piled

like dirty snow beneath the purple canopy

of St. John’s, the town square Jacaranda…

Poor Pigeons, they were simply looking

for a place to lay their rotten eggs.

 By Todd Turner




I stood

My wishes for those

Who came and left.

The clouds above

shone over me,

my prayers remained

in my heart.


 By Leena, 14 years old


Congratulations on completing Loop 1 of the Parracons Poetry Path. We hope you enjoyed this collaboration between Westwords, Story City, and the Arthur Phillip High School. Don’t forget that the Parracons Poetry Path has a second loop of poetic stories just for you. You can choose to do Loop 2 another day, or if you’d like to continue to Loop 2 now, just follow these instructions to our next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path.

St John’s Cemetery: Walk to the back of the cathedral where you will find Hunter Street.  Follow Hunter Street until you reach O’Connell Street and turn left, passing under the train tracks. Cross two sets of traffic lights to the corner of Argyle St and O’Connell St, then walk south until you reach the entrance of St Johns Cemetery on your right.