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Arthur Phillip High School



I walked into the old school house

I walked into the old school house

In the year of 2018.

I sat down with the rest of my class

and pulled out my workbooks.

I had no idea what was coming my way,

the teacher was taking the roll call

and I was chatting with my friends.

The teacher heard me,

pulled out a cane and hit me,

it shocked me–

I thought corporal punishment didn’t exist in Australia anymore.

Maybe because I was in the Old School House

using the cane was still acceptable.

 By James, 14 years old


Here we see

Here we see

A place of the living teens of high school

Working together

In their own individual ways

They all have fun

With their friends

Starting fights over sports

But it doesn’t matter

Because they’re going to get detention

By Jad, 14 years


Howell’s Wind and Water Mill: To continue to the next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path, exit the school onto Macquarie Street and turn right. Follow Macquarie Street east until it intersects Harris Street. Turn left on Harris Street and follow the street north until you reach the Gasworks Bridge, once the site of Howell’s Wind and Water Mill.