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Howell’s Wind and Water Mill (Gasworks Bridge)


The Lonely Mill

In front of the lonely mill

A blue pearly lake laid still

The salty scent in the air

Where the breeze danced through so freely.

At the back of the lake,

A single mill stood, stationed

Atop a layered grassy land,

Surrounded by trees and houses.

A sight so calming and

Pleasing to the eye.

 By Lina, 14 years old



Glossy, Calm Water Streamed Down

Glossy, clam water streamed down

Thick layer of soft grass brushed along my legs

Coat of warm sunshine covered me

Gust of wind whistled through my ears

Fluking down my spine

Behind the tree there it stood

Along the water’s bank.

 By Shruti, 14 years old


Glistening Mirror-like Water Shimmers Proudly

Glistening Mirror-like water shimmers proudly

as light autumn breezes dance by.

Surprised ripples alarmingly multiply

wandering off and disappearing from the naked eye.

Oh, the murky waters below!

Reminiscence strikes at me like a charging bull

keeping me stuck in an endless loop replaying memories.

Soaring lights flash past as tears roll down in silence.

Bombarded with unbearable pain

Regretful sights of sorrow become unchained from their eternal prisons

I’m sorry, father…”

Death was inevitable, his fate had already been sealed

Grasping, gasping, grieving.

By Cecilia, 14 years old



The Bridge That Stands Still

I tread past, on a crumbly path,

taking no heed of the scenery in front of me

as I arrive at the Gasworks Bridge.

Located on top of a lake

full of fish, full of life.

The criss-cross design

painted on the sides.

I finally notice the greenery around me.

The river beneath my feet

reflects the beautiful blue sky above,

the bridge that connects two sides

the people who walk over

the scenery that stands still

I slowly tip-toe to the end

turning my head, looking back

at the heavenly sight

That compels me, to stay.

By Lina, 14 years old


Parramatta River: To continue to the next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path, head left, or west, along the path next to the south side of the river. Cross the river at the pedestrian bridge just beyond the ferry terminal.  Continue to head west on the north side of the riverside path until you reach the second pedestrian bridge, called the Elizabeth Street Footbridge.