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Parramatta River



In Within

As the damaged river flows,

The sweet scent of wattles’ wonder

The rush of sound

Changes of nature

Calm, relaxing, secretive.

Stories and secrets,

Life within–

Within each tree

Within all scars.

As the eels surge,

Soft winds create a scene

A scene within the waters,

With each gush,

Dragging you away.

 By Pallavi, 14 years old



Dreams of Water

Water flows up and down.

Natural green, along its bank.

The wind howls loud and clear

A place open to all.

Boats and ferries ride along it.

Remote from the crowd of the city

Beauty at its core.

The rushing water fulfils my mind

Letting me live wild and free.

What is this place?

By Shruti, 14 years old


Lennox Bridge: To continue to the next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path, continue to follow the river west, away from the Gasworks Bridge and ferry terminal. Continue until you reach the Lennox bridge, climb the stairs, and turn left onto the bridge.