Church Street


The roars of people increase

The roars of people increase

Windows open

Hope and joy arrives

The taxis drive by

The parade has just begun, leaving the sadness behind

I look up and down

Silent refrigeration slides by

The crowd cheers with laughter

The moment moves on

So do I.

By Khushi, 14 years old.



My Daily Walk Around Church St

I had my daily walk down Church Street

Yes, there are many people I meet

The flowers have a beautiful smell

Then I can hear something ringing? Oh, that’s the Church Bell.

I walked down the road

And I saw a horse with a heavy load

The air was fresh and clear, while I was here, and the road

Was made out of dirt and it made a real mess of my shirt.

I will never forget my walk down Church Street,

The summer heat.

 By James, 14 years old


A While Ago

On Church Street Parramatta

Cars, children and animals in harmony

Working together for an equal share

Yet in some way it may not be fair

Hundreds of stores looking for money

A man and son staring at a dog

With it wagging its tail for a toy

I never thought I’d see the day

Where Church Street

Had this much joy.

 By Jad, 14 years old.



Union is Strength! 

A motto engraved within 97.

Attempting to resemble this,

was a man.

A man, whom appeared muscular,

Although was struggling. Struggling with sticks.

If put in perspective, an individual, a figure,

Is a moral representation  of the sticks, itself.

Solitary and unassisted, a singular stick,

Can be effortlessly broken.

But, as a clique, dominance and firmness

Is formed, uniformly remaining resistant and

Repressing the force

Being inflicted.

Macquarie Street has metamorphosed, and quite excessively.

Conceivably symbolising the modern day.

The modern day in which collections of figures,

Overpower individuals, later on altering their lives.

Leaving the lives of those affected,


Thinking of how ‘unity is strength’

And how there is no probability

Of them ever coming out victorious.

Strength is unity!

Unity is strength.

A motto engraved within 97.

Attempting to resemble this

Was simply a man!

By Robert, 14 years old


The Roxy: To continue to the next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path, continue south along Church Street, then turn left onto George Street (make sure you cross the road safely to the south side of George!). Walk to the corner of George St and Horwood Place. The Roxy Theatre will be on your right.