The Roxy



Let the master cinema-showman man himself show you round…

hitting ducks with drinks n’ dimes

he is tipped to make your name

the name whispered under coasters

frozen into ice cubes,

you and your life the biopic premiering

upon the arthouse silver screen

inside, a season of:

one night only.

We swear to bouncers we are old enough to forget

First night out

I throw back schooners

as the ladies’ bathroom line

becomes the best place to make new friends.

Hiding in cubicles I learned by listening

Walking down George Street

throwing away any thinking

with half eaten midnight Macca-D’s.

 By Frances Cholerton



69 George

The clouds bounced light

as if someone up there

thought the town was ready for its close-up.

All summer

the only place

you could count on rain

was the cinema

monumental as a Baked Alaska

cruel as a Spanish Mission

the Roxy on George.

A man propped on the corner in snowy shirt & cloth cap

like some kinda cut-rate Maurice Chevalier in

Innocents of Paris. I seen it

so I should know.

I dusted the exhaust from a passing motor

from the strap of one satin shoe and

tossed my bike to the kerb.

To consume the Roxy’s frozen

ice-cream heart in the dark.

I couldn’t wait to get inside.

By Miro Bilbrough



Innocents of Paris

25th May, 1929.

A junkman

rescues a boy from drowning

in the Seine.

The boy’s mother

has attempted to kill herself

and her son.

The junkman

takes the boy to his grandfather

and falls in love with his aunt.

Later, the junkman

is heard singing in a flea market

and is hired to sing in a hall.

He sings

‘On Top of The World Alone’

and ‘Yes, We Have No Bananas.’

 By Ben Peek

Historical Note: Innocents of Paris was the first film played in the Roxy Cinema. 6th February, 1930.


97 Macquarie Street: To continue to the next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path, turn left onto Horwood Place and continue along it south until you reach Macquarie Street. Safely cross the road to 97 Macquarie Street.