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97 Macquarie Street



On Macquarie

The bum crack of a bum

draws sightlines as flies to flypaper.

Near fatal. With a quick hitch

he turns down the side of Parramatta


Three men in a lunch shop doorway

offer one leg each, feet en pointe

tattooed and muscle-bulb calves

for the predilection of a woman

eating a sandwich at a pavement table.

It’s the judgement of Paris all over again

the lineaments & limbs of Athena

Hera and Aphrodite here


I look up.

A neo-classical muscle man

in bas-relief is having trouble

snapping a bunch of twigs over his knee.

Union is Strength.

As usual the widows and orphans

are nowhere to be seen.

By Miro Bibrough



These dark days

No, this dark place.

Not only memories,

But changes.

Loved ones die,

May they peacefully rest here,


Life needs to go on,

Yet memories lead me here.

A resting place,

Sadness flushes back.

May God be with you,

Rest in peace,

Lived a life,

Enjoyed or not.

By Pallavi, 14 yrs old


Paramatta Town Hall: To continue to the next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path, head right, or west, along Macquarie Street and turn left onto Church Street. Follow Church Street South until you reach the Paramatta Town Hall on your left. Once you have reached the Town Hall, click the hyperlink below the video for this page, or at the bottom of the Story City app page to view the art for the Paramatta Town Hall.

Click here once you’re at Paramatta Town Hall.