Boer War Memorial, 1904



They Trained Hard

100 men training in Aldershot.

Against the government’s will

They thought as hard as they trained

Against the enemy of the South African war.

 By Ceethu, 14 years old


In time of war we saw

In the time of war we saw

People heading really far to

Protect their land from a scar.

A gun longer than a tail that won’t let

You fail, a bullet no larger than a nail.

A big tutorial taken by men

To build the

Great war memorial

By Kyle, 14 years old



I Remember When

I remember when the world was peaceful

No conflict

And only love, and heartfelt memories

This is the truth about war

This is acknowledgement

This will be remembered.

 By Jad, 14 years old


Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Scarred Trees: To continue to the next historic location on the Parracons Poetry Path, descend the stairs to the north of the memorial and down to a large grassy expanse, across the Crescent. Take the road by the river left, up past a small parking bay. By a set of stairs leading back upward you will find a lone stringybark tree, one of several ‘Scarred Trees’ in Parramatta Park.